Terms and conditions

Booking and payment

Booking shall be made by one person/company on behalf of the whole group. This person/company is also responsible for payment on behalf of the whole group.

Before arrival a deposit corresponding to the estimated total price for the hunting arrangement (Costs for accommodation, dining and hunting, estimated trophy prices and costs for French hunting licenses) shall be paid as follows.

Upon receipt of our confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the total price must be paid. The booking is only valid once the 30% deposit has been received.

The remaining amount must be paid no later than 60 days prior to arrival.

If booking is done less than 60 days prior to arrival the whole deposit shall be paid upon booking.

Failure to pay within a stipulated time limit gives us the right to cancel the booking, in which case the deposit is forfeited.


Cancellation is possible at no cost if it takes place at least 120 days prior to arrival. In case a cancellation is made in the period from 60 to 120 days prior to arrival the 30% deposit is forfeited. In the case that notice of cancellation is less than 60 days prior to arrival no refund is made.

Absentia or interruption of stay

If for somereason one or more hunters and/or spouses do not arrive as planned or leave Domaine Bois de La Gineste ahead of the planned departure, there will be NO refund for services not received.


It is each hunter’s responsibility to assure a proper hunting insurance coverage complying with French legislation and to document such insurance upon arrival. No hunting will be permitted unless proper insurance coverage has been made. If French insurance coverage is requested by any hunter we will arrange this for you and charge you the insurance fee.

EU-weapon permit

Since 1995 every EU-citizen wishing to go hunting abroad must be in possession of an EU-weapon permit. Please apply for this permit in good time before your hunting tour and check with your national authorities concerning the procedure.

Transportation of firearms and ammunition

We will assist you in the necessary formalities in connection with import and transportation of firearms and ammunition in France.

French hunting license

In order to acquire a French hunting licences, copies of passports and copies of valid national hunting licenses must be submitted to us for each hunter at least 30 days prior to arrival. We will then take care of acquiring French hunting licenses.

Travel to and from Domaine Bois de la Gineste

Travel to and from Domaine Bois de La Gineste is unless otherwise agreed the responsibility of the hunting group. The nearest airport is Montpellier Mediterraine being located approximately 100 km away or Toulouse Blagnac being approximately 200 km away.


Driving in connection with the hunt is free of charge.

Single room supplement

All hunting arrangements are based on accommodation in twin bedrooms. If you are single and prefer a single room please contact us.


We will not accept gratuities.

Handling of trophies

Tusks from male wild boars will be prepared for you prior to departure.


Any action against us will be determined under French law and should be brought to a French court of law or referred to arbitration in France.