As of 2015 we have started collecting testimonial from clients. Please find them below:

If you like boar hunting, 5 star accommodation, great French wine and dine, excellent hosts you have come to the right place.

I had the privilege of hunting in this area together with clients expecting some nice boars and a hunt with action. We were not disappointed. Within a 3 day hunt in the autumn we shot +50 boars including 12 large males. Some of them medal trophies.

The house is on the level of a 5 star hotel with at large kitchen area and living room divided by an open fireplace. From the kitchen and living room you enter the terrace which extends into a large pool overviewing the valley with small villages and wine yards.

When it comes to food and wine you will not leave hungry or thirsty. Fresh baguettes with cold cuts and cheese in the morning, a 3 course meal in the afternoon served by Domaine Bois de la Gineste’s Chef accompanied by excellent local wine and in the evening during a hunting break you will enjoy a nice barbecue in the forest.

There are 4 very nice bedrooms with own shower and toilet facilities. The place is kept very nice and clean.

In total this place was a pleasant hunting experience with excellent hosts doing their outmost in providing the best service.
Søren P. Olesen, CEO and Chairman

Jagt på første klasse. Meget vildt, flotte omgivelser samt sublim beværtning. Anbefalingsværdigt!Kammerherre Michael Iuel, Meilgaard Gods

Richard Thompson

About pig hunting in France at Bois de la Gineste: https://youtu.be/EdFrOUGkn3M

This is my second trip over here.

I have had a fantastic evening, This evening I have seen a lot of fallow, a lot of red and an awful lot of pig – and I’ve shot two pigs this evening, and I’m really pleased.

It’s been a fantastic evening, beautiful starry sky, this is a lovely place and I’m really glad to be here, and I’m looking forward to come here again.
Richard Thompson from Burton on Trent

Bob Martini

About Wild Boar and Keiler hunting in France at Bois de la Gineste: https://youtu.be/mF0bg3QbLL8

It is my second trip here.

I have had a fantastic evening.

I have seen 6 – 7 red deer, mainly hinds with calves.

Lots of Boar, including a very large Keiler which resembled the size of a small family car.

I shot two young boar and a smaller one. An incredible experience and just great to be here.

Second year and I can’t wait to come back again next year already.

Bob Martini

Michael O’Ryan

About Wild Boar hunting in France at Bois de la Gineste: https://youtu.be/mZnXkDJ5Ls4

It’s my first trip here for Wild Boar. I’ve shot Wild Boar in Czech republic before, but it’s nothing compared to here.

I was looking of to shoot one my self this evening and saw well over 40 boar just didn’t get a shot off myself, it was kind of my own fall

Certainly won’t be my last trip here

Michael O’Ryan from Southern Ireland